Latest news of Tech

Robi awards sales representatives of Airtel

Robi Axiata Limited has handed over 30 motor bikes to the winning sales representatives of Airtel under the quarter long campaign, Duranta, in city’s regional market. 

First ambulance app service launched

Bangladesh’s first app-based medical ambulance service - URAL EMS – has been launched recently.  

Egypt president ratifies law imposing internet controls

Egypt's President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi has ratified an anti-cybercrime law that rights groups say paves the way for censoring online media.

Consumers’ body ask for lowering mobile call rate

Citizens' Rights Movement (CRM), a consumers rights body, on Saturday demanded for fixing mobile phone call at 10 paisa per minute with per second pulse.

US regulators target Facebook on discriminatory housing ads

Federal regulators are alleging that Facebook's advertising tools allow landlords and real estate brokers to engage in housing discrimination.

Google clarifies location-tracking policy

Google has revised an erroneous description on its website of how its "Location History" setting works, clarifying that it continues to track users even if they've disabledRead More...

Robi maintains 4.5G network with 7,000 4.5G sites

The leading digital service provider of Bangladesh, Robi, has recently reached the milestone of on-airing 7,000 4.5G sites.

Finding toilets now an app away!

WaterAid launches ‘Public Toilet Bangladesh’ app covering major highways

Not knowing where to go and where to find a clean toilet can be daunting. This becomes particularly stressful when out on the road for hours, especially for women, childrenRead More...

After Alex Jones timeout, Twitter CEO mulls deeper changes

A day after Twitter gave right-wing conspiratorialist Alex Jones a weeklong timeout, CEO Jack Dorsey is mulling deeper changes to the social media service that might limit theRead More...

India will send manned flight into space by 2022

Prime Minister Narendra Modi says India will send a manned flight into space by 2022.