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KA Monsur Research Lab at Ibrahim Medical College


Saturday 10 February, 2018 10:31:20 pm

KA Monsur Research Lab at Ibrahim Medical College

Dhaka, Feb 10 (UNB) - In memory of renowned scientist and microbiologist Prof Kazi Abul Monsur, Khaled Monsur Trust has pledged a donation of Tk 2 crore to establish ‘KA Monsur Research Laboratory’ at Ibrahim Medical College.

On behalf of Khaled Monsur Trust, Dr Nazma Karim, daughter of late Prof KA Monsur, has handed over the amount to Prof AK Azad Khan, President of Bangladesh Diabetic Samity (BADAS), said a press release.

Once completed, KA Monsur Research Laboratory will be an advance research laboratory for biomedical science in the country. 

IMC, an organisation of BADAS, will bear all future maintenance cost of the establishment.

A brilliant scientist, Prof Monsur was a gold medalist from Calcutta Medical College. 

He developed the ‘Monsur’s Media’, the world’s best known culture media for detection of the bacteria ‘Vibrio cholerae’ responsible for causing cholera.