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Mustafa Jabbar for digitalization of education system


Wednesday 10 January, 2018 05:11:40 pm

Mustafa Jabbar for digitalization of education system

Dhaka, Jan 10 (UNB) –Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology (ICT) Minister Mustafa Jabbar on Wednesday said that the existing education system of our country has to change and digitalized for reducing the quantity of unemployed educated youths.

“Although our technology sector has gained success but we can’t reform our outdated education system.  We will not be able to generate jobs for our educated youths in the future without digitalization of our current education system”, he added.

The noted IT personality who was appointed as minister recently came up with this remarks while addressing at a roundtable as chief guest at BDBL building on Wednesday.

The minister also expressed his concern that youths of our country may become burden one day, if the traditional education system is not reformed.

Mentioning the quick development in ICT sector, the minister said that, “Earlier we used to live three hundred years behind from the development countries, but now we are walking beside them. When the world is working on Block chain, we also are working with them.”

Chairman of E-Generation Shamim Ahsan, Executive Vice-Chairman of E-Generation SM Ashraful Islam and Technologist of Silicon Valley Shawkat Shamim also spoke in the programme.