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Now, Nepal’s probe commission trashes media report on plane crash 


Monday 27 August, 2018 11:28:54 pm

Now, Nepal’s probe commission trashes media report on plane crash 

Dhaka, Aug 27 (UNB) - The Accident Investigation Commission constituted by the Nepalese government to look into the US-Bangla plane crash has now voiced serious concern and dissatisfaction over the Kathmandu Post report on its investigation findings on the plane crash.

Mentioning that the investigation to find the probable cause and contributory factors of the accident is still going on, the commission said it believes the accident investigation is not a matter for media propaganda, according to a press release sent to Captain Salahuddin M Rahmatullah, head of Aircraft Accident Investigation Group of Civil Aviation Authority, Bangladesh (CAAB).

The commission has serious objection to such kind of unethical and fraudulent news which may give wrong conception and beliefs in the public and concern people, it said, adding that it is a matter of disgrace to publish such sensitive matter, which is still under investigation and discussion within the commission without validating authenticity of the news from proper authorities. 

The commission said the report has not been completed and published officially. “Once the report is completed, it will be made public as per the provision of the government regulation and ICAO standards.”

It also urged all concerned not to make unnecessary speculation regarding this very sensitive issue where lives were lost from Nepal and other friendly countries. 

Earlier, Captain Salahuddin M Rahmatullah, who is the lone representative from Bangladesh in the Accident Investigation Commission formed by the Nepalese government to probe how the aircraft crashed, also termed the report ‘false’ and ‘baseless’.
“The committee formed by the Nepalese government to probe the US-Bangla plane crash is yet to make any report public. I, as a member of the commission, made a phone call to the authorities concerned of the committee but they told me that the information is not correct,” said Salahuddin while talking to UNB over phone.

Responding to a question when the probe report will be made public, he said “There’s no possibility to publish it before December next.”

Rejecting the newspaper report, the authorities of US-Bangla Airlines on Monday said the report was ‘fictitious’ and ‘irreverent’.
“The probe committee is yet to submit any report. We’re waiting for a report,” Kamrul Islam, general manager (marketing support and public relations) of US-Bangla Airlines, told UNB when his comment was sought on the exclusive report of Kathmandu Post which surfaced on Bangladesh online media on Monday.  
There is no scope to publish such news before the probe report is made public, the official added.
According to details of the official investigation led by the Nepal government, a copy of which was obtained exclusively by the Post, Captain Abid Sultan was going through ‘tremendous personal mental stress and anxiety, and a series of erroneous decisions on his part led to the crash of the Flight BS211’.

At least 51 people died as an aircraft of US-Bangla Airlines from Dhaka to Kathmandu crashed at Tribhuvan International Airport in the capital of the Himalayan country on March 12.