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Remains of Korean War dead arrive in Hawaii


Thursday 02 August, 2018 08:58:04 am

Remains of Korean War dead arrive in Hawaii

Honolulu, Aug 2 (AP/UNB) — The remains of servicemen who are presumed American casualties killed in the Korean War more than 60 years ago have arrived in Hawaii.

The remains are contained in 55 cases draped in American flags. Honor guards carried the cases off two military transport planes. They were flown to Pearl Harbor on Wednesday from South Korea after North Korea released the remains last week.

The painstaking process of trying to identify the remains will take place at a Department of Defense lab at Pearl Harbor.

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence oversaw the somber military ceremony. He said that while some call the Korean conflict the "forgotten war," today's repatriation proves the American soldiers were never forgotten.

Pence said: "Today, our boys are coming home."

He says the government pledges to families of the soldiers who didn't return that it will never stop until "every hero lost in the Korean War is home."