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Dishonest traders responsible for rice price hike: PM


Wednesday 28 June, 2017 08:58:29 pm

Dishonest traders responsible for rice price hike: PM

Sangsad Bhaban, Jun 28 (UNB) – Reiterating that the there is enough rice stock in the country, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday said manipulation by dishonest traders is perhaps the reason behind its sudden  price hike.

“There might be some mechanisms by the dishonest businesspeople,” she said taking part in the budget discussion in Parliament.


The Prime Minister made it clear that there is enough stock of rice in the country. “We don’t have any scarcity of rice… there’s no chance of any food crisis.”


She said around 1.88 tonnes of rice are stockpiled in government silos while the stock in approved mills is 5,440,365 tonnes. “The stock in non-approved mills and at farmer, hoarder and retailer levels is 5,030,456 tonnes. That means the rice reserve in the country is 10,658,821 tonnes.”


Hasina, however, admitted that there is a hike in rice prices in recent days. “This might be for rain as the paddy in the haor areas has been destroyed.”


She said the government has already reduced the duty from 28 percent to 10 percent for rice import.


The Prime Minister also said the country’s farmers are getting the fair prices for their produces.


About discussion on the budget from ruling and opposition MPs, she said, “MPs from the ruling party also participated in the budget discussion. They didn’t spare anything. They didn’t give us scope to understand whether they belong to the ruling party or the opposition. This is democracy.”